Politico and Meet the Press

Try this Monday Conspiracy Theory on for size: Did “Meet the Press” go out of its way to avoid mentioning the Politico?

Roger Simon, the Politico’s chief political columnist, went on “Meet the Press” yesterday but was consistently referred to as “a syndicated columnist” (Russert: “You wrote an article as a syndicated columnist about Mitt Romney and pardons…”).

It is true that Simon is a syndicated columnist, but even in those syndicated columns, he is referred to as “chief political columnist for Politico.com,” his primary gig.

Why is this odd? On that very same MTP, David Broder (whose column is also syndicated) was referred to as “David Broder of The Washington Post.”

Also, when Simon was on “Meet the Press” in February, Russert identified him as “Roger Simon of The Politico” (no mention of “syndicated columnist”). Simon is also associated with the Politico when he appears on “Face the Nation.”

The die-hard conspiracy theorists might posit that it’s because of the Politico’s new debate partnership with CNN, after having first teamed up with MSNBC (and they might latch onto the fact that no Politico employee — save Roger Simon on yesterday’s MTP, which we addressed above — has appeared on such NBC/MSNBC shows as “The Chris Matthews Show,” “Tucker,” “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” or “Scarborough Country” since the June 11 announcement of the CNN/Politico partnership).