Swiss Politician Loses Job After Offensive Tweets

Neutral Switzerland? Not on Twitter!

A Swiss politician has lost his job and his political post after calling for a new Kristallnacht against Muslims and mosques.

If you needed yet another lesson in watching what you tweet, this would be it.

Right-wing politician Alexander Müller tweeted several things that were so offensive in recent weeks that his political party denounced him and his employer fired him.

MSNBC has the scoop on Müller’s offensive tweets that landed him in such hot water.

Tweeting from his @dailytalk account (which is now protected), Müller wrote the following:

“Maybe we need a new Kristallnacht … this time against the mosques.”

“…we should take this pack out of the country. I do not want to live with such people”

“I would like to stand certain people up against the wall and shoot them. Less dirt on the earth would be good.”

These tweets were in response to the May acquittal of a Muslim man who said it was right for a man to beat his wife if she refused to sleep with him.

And although Müller did delete the offensive tweets shortly after posting them, several news outlets got hold of them and published them.

Many people – both Muslims and Jews – are upset over Müller’s comments, with one person telling MSNBC that they implied that Muslims deserve the Kristallnacht treatment the same way Jews “deserved” it in 1938.

Because of his Twitter statements, Müller was forced to resign from the Swiss People’s Party, and he was let go from his job at a credit insurance firm.

Twitter is a valuable tool for politicians to use to connect with their constituents, but, just like with any medium, public figures must watch what they tweet. Tweeting in anger or frustration is almost always a bad idea, as Müller found out.

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