Politician Calls Bishop A Pedophile Pimp On Facebook

A slew of controversy has erupted after D.J. Bettencourt, leader of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, called Roman Catholic Bishop John McCormack a pedophile pimp on his Facebook page yesterday.

Catholic Bishop John McCormack spoke at a the New Hampshire State House rally on Thursday, criticizing the state budget proposed by the House of Representatives. And how did the House Majority Leader, Representative D.J. Betterncourt, react? By insulting the bishop over Facebook, of course!

On Friday, Bettencourt sparked a fire when he posted on his personal Facebook page that Bishop McCormack is a “pedophile pimp” with “absolutely no moral credibility to lecture anyone,” according to the Concord Monitor.

Here’s the full message, reproduced from the Concord newspaper:

Notice the quote from Winston Churchill Bettencourt had posted just three days prior.

After controversy on his incendiary speech began, Bettencourt didn’t back down. He said in a prepared statement, “Yes, my language was colorful but I stand by the sentiment in describing a man who has in my opinion brought shame and dishonour on my church. As a practicing Catholic it is truly disappointing that we would have a leader [like McCormack] with a record of enabling such egregious and unacceptable behavior.”

Interestingly enough, Bettencourt’s Facebook page is nowhere to be found at the moment. In addition, a Google search does return his official Facebook page at the top of the results, but clicking on the link takes you back to your own personal news feed. Seems like someone thought that doing some damage control implied taking the proverbial microphone away from Bettencourt and his followers and opponents all together.

But the controversy is far from over: New Hampshire governor John Lynch is asking Bettencourt to retract from his comments immediately. Other politicians, as well as some Catholic church representatives, are also condemning the use of such strong language.

Another politician runs his mouth on Facebook — when are they going to learn?