Political Scientists Make It Easy to Find Female Experts With a Simple Website


There are always explanations offered to account for the often homogenized, male-heavy landscape of punditry. The people behind the Vox-hosted Mischiefs of Faction blog describe it neatly:

Too often, when people put together conference panels and roundtables, look for expert quotations, or invite experts for other settings, they exclude highly qualified women. This can happen because of conscious sexism. But it can also happen because of unconscious or institutionalized sexism. The people selecting the experts are often in professional networks that are disproportionately male, which leads male experts to be the most salient to them, even when there are equally or better-qualified women who could speak on the topic.

Women Also Know Stuff aims to wear away at the claim that female experts just can’t be found, by offering a list of experts in the field along with their contact info, organized by specialty.

The site was started by Samara Klar, an assistant professor at the University of Arizona, and is run by a group of political scientists. It’s a welcome addition to what we hope is a growing field of efforts to shorten the list of excuses for non-diverse commentary, joining earlier endeavors like Foreign Policy Interrupted, the [currently inactive] Journos of Color and SheSource from the Women’s Media Center.

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