Political Rivals Bond Over Pooch

Tucker Martin is the communications director for Bob McDonnell, the Governor of Virginia. Over the weekend, he set out to do a little hunting and, in the process, lost Blue, one of his hunting dogs.

So he did what any savvy person would do in that situation.

He tweeted about it. In a series of tweets, Martin wrote, “Need help. Lost Blue dog on trail run at Poor Farm Park in Hanover. Hr ago. Please RT. Worried as lots of woods beyond this park. Thanks folks. Anyway if you know folks in western Hanover, Ashland area please pass word on. 50 lbs. Short legs. UVa collar. Brown, black, white markings.”

Naturally, when we first saw that tweet, we were less than optimistic, but this story has a happy ending. Clark Mercer, political director of Democratic Party of Virginia, sent a tweet saying he was near that area and would head out to see if he could find the hound.

So, what happened to Blue?

Luckily, Mercer found Blue in the area and tweeted the picture on the left to Martin, complete with a bumper sticker for Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Virginia. It’s a miracle!

Martin excitedly tweeted, “Dude- this IS a Twitter moment!!” The two met up and made the hound handoff. Martin tweeted, “Blue dog is back. Washington pay attention. A Dem just found an R’s dog.”

Let this be a lesson to the politicians in Washington. If two flacks can come together over a hunting dog, maybe we can accomplish something.