Political Ringtones: the new Bumper Sticker for 2008?

Myxer_Political_Ringtones.jpgA new Associated Press report said that tech-savvy political junkies are calling political ringtones the bumper stickers of the 2008 campaign—especially for “Generation Y” voters.

Political Web sites are offering hundreds of ringtones for download, consisting of audio clips such as Barack Obama saying “Yes we can!” or John McCain saying “My friends…” over and over.

“In many ways, ringtones are a perfect fit for politics because ringtones are all about personalization and passion and advertising your passion to the people around you,” said Myk Willis, the 34-year-old CEO of Myxer, a ringtone download and media sharing portal for cell phones, in the article.

As land line use declines, the landscape is beginning to shift for politics. New media outlets such as texting and the cell phone platform in general point the way to the future as far as the campaigns are concerned.