Political Newsers Cover Washington Life Magazine

Shawna Thomas, Daniel Lippman, Rebecca Berg and Luke Russert make the Young & the Guest List

Meet the Press senior producer Shawna Thomas, Politico Playbook co-author Daniel Lippman, Real Clear Politics national political reporter Rebecca Berg and NBC congressional correspondent Luke Russert grace the cover of Washington Life’s newest issue, featured as part of its annual Young & the Guest List.

The list is set of more than 300 names belonging to 40-and-under Washingtonians who are “stars in their fields,” the sort that lead you to wonder, if even for a brief moment, of the decisions that have led you to wherever you may happen to be in your life at this moment in time.

There are a lot of politicos on the list, to be expected because, as Washington Life points out, “this is an election year,” and because it is, after all, Washington, election year or not.

The quartet on the cover is not the only group of journalists to get a portrait in. Huffington Post senior politics editor Sam Stein, politics managing editor Amanda Terkel, Washington Post general assignment reporter Elahe Izadi and ABC News coordinating producer Devin Dwyer get a group shot inside the pages of the magazine.

The full list of names can be found here.