How Are Political Magazines Using Twitter To Talk About The Election?

The Twittersphere is abuzz with talk of the fast-approaching 2012 Presidential Election. With the debates behind us and the candidates on the last legs of their campaign trails, one researcher wanted to know how political magazines were capitalizing on all of the politically-charged tweeting in the final stretch of the elections.

According to an article on, Susan Currie Sivek, assistant professor in the Department of Mass Communication at Linfield College, has been collecting Twitter data related to 17 well-known US political magazines since October 1st.

In just under a month, these 17 magazines have tweeted or been tweeted about over 216,000, and they have amassed about 700,000 followers combined.

Although she cautions that the results are still in their preliminary stage, Sivek notes that Mother Jones is by far the most visible magazine on Twitter. She suggests it may be because it is a highly partisan magazine, and because of the “47 percent” Mitt Romney video that Mother Jones broke earlier in the campaign, which got shared like wildfire on social media.

The Nation is another magazine that is mentioned heavily on Twitter, which Sivek suggests is because of a video they posted of an aggressive NYPD frisking of a 16 year old Harlem student which went viral.

And of course, “Obama” and “Romney” are mentioned frequently in connection with these political magazines on Twitter. Other individuals mentioned include The Nation writer John Nichols and Ed Schultz.

When it comes to the political issues being discussed on Twitter by US magazines, keywords like “tax”, “Libya”, “women” and “debate” crop up often.

You can take a look at Sivek’s preliminary findings for yourself here.

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