Political and Religious Controversy on Facebook

The New York Times has published an article regarding a highly controversial group on Facebook. The group denounces Islam and as of this posting has 760 members. The groups states the following:

The Quran contains many lies and threats. Islam is false, no god exists, and someone should say that loud and clear. Heaven and hell are fables, prayer is a waste of time, and angels and jinn are obviously mythology. This is not a group against Muslims. They have it bad enough. If you doubt that go to Palestine. If you hate Muslims or are here to harrass them or promote your religion, go away. Muslims can be and usually are peaceful and respectful.

There is now a number of other groups that have been created in protest of Facebook’s decision to allow this group to remain. One of the groups has over 58,000 members. This is by no means the first politically or religiously controversial group on Facebook but it is now getting significant coverage. The group is set up in support of atheism.

According to the New York Times article, Facebook temporarily deleted the group creator’s account but has since reinstated it. The members that are petitioning the group are threatening to leave Facebook permanently. While that may not have a significant impact on Facebook’s growth, it is a large statement. What do you think? Should Facebook delete the group?