Political Analyst and Journo to Give Speeches to American League of Lobbyists

Hailed as the “political program of the year,” the National Press Club is the venue for this morning’s annual meeting and elections of the American League of Lobbyists.

Featured speakers are political analyst Charlie Cook (above left) and The Hill‘s Managing Editor Bob Cusack (above right), who will be the luncheon keynote speaker. In a scheduled 40-minute speech, Cusack will make predictions for the remaining days of the lame duck session.

The journalist doesn’t fear public speaking. Here’s why: “I don’t really fear public speaking any more. After college, I did some amateur stand-up in Baltimore and there is nothing scarier than that. I quickly learned that my future was not going to be in comedy.”

Speeches aside, the League plans to brag about what they hope is a revamped image amongst a tarnished lobbyist industry. To that end, they’ll unveil their lobbying video (don’t think Rihanna, Jay-Z or even former House GOP Majority Leader Tom DeLay dancing on DWTS) which, a release says, “will be used in various contexts to burnish the image of lobbyists.”  The League apparently “spent considerable time and money the past 24 months” to improve its PR image, and “this video is part of the over-all scheme of things.”