’50 Politicos’ List Is a Head Scratcher

Politico released its list of “50 Politicos to Watch” last night. Included in the list are timely power players in the presidential campaign such as President Obama‘s traveling press secretary Jen Psaki, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom and Beth Meyers, who is heading up VP candidate vetting for Romney. There are also a few journalists and celebrities.

But a list so comprehensive couldn’t possibly go without criticism. “Seriously, Politico?” avid politics tweeter pourmecoffee wrote last night, linking to musician Kid Rock‘s entry on the list. The write up on Kid Rock and his all-important contribution to this election cycle: “[He] gave Mitt Romney the go-ahead to use ‘Born Free’ as his campaign anthem and performed for the former governor at a campaign rally in February.”

Even more bizarre, in a press release Politico called both Kid Rock, whose heyday passed over a decade ago, and well-known actress Jane Lynch “New Hollywood Faces.”

Despite Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour generating most of the buzz around a fundraiser for Obama last month, she’s not named on the list. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, however, is because the fundraiser was hosted at her home.

And as noted by Google Senior Politics Project Manager Anthea Watson Strong, out of the 50 names on the list, 14 are women; four of which are celebrities. An intense commenter on the list echoed the sentiment: “Just like the male-heavy Politico. Put the [Beth Meyer’s] picture in the middle and then save her for last. Just know this, morons. We women are coming for your jobs. We’re done waiting.”

Then there’s actress and outspoken Democrat Sigourney Weaver. She’s starring in the new mini-series Political Animals and showed up at Politico‘s party last night celebrating the list. But she wasn’t actually on the list.

Hmmm…more head scratching.