Police Blotter

Yesterday, we wrote about the Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields, who seems to be quite taken with herself. Fields read it and told her legion of criminals Twitter followers about the piece and insinuated that it was a “smear” job.


Her fans RUSHED to her defense saying that there was nothing wrong with her constant self-promotion. One commenter found it endearing, saying “There’s kind of a ‘Hi mom!’ quality to it.” Which makes our point for us. While many journos were covering the crowds and including that in their reporting, Fields was showboating for the camera. Michelle’s followers on Twitter didn’t hesitate in taking shots at us. For example:

Dear Mr. Full of Fuck, I can assure you that no one is stalking Ms. Fields. We just followed her on Twitter, as we do MANY other journalists. These are comments and pictures that she wants people to see. Writing about what journalists tweets is something that we do on a daily, hourly basis. This is not a crusade against one reporter.

Another sycophant says that Michelle reminds him of another great journalist:


Good point, Mr Big Daddy. Thanks to you, we are finally able to identify whose journalistic style most closely resembles Michelle’s. I’m stunned we didn’t make the connection sooner.

One final attempt at a defense comes from our comments section.

She’s not Dave Weigel. No one has any interest in Weigel the person–only the journalist. But people are fascinated w/ Michelle the person & Michelle the journalist. It’s different.

You’re right. It is different. And that’s what we’re trying to point out. Saying that you are interested in the reporter and not the report is kind of like the person who says they’re reading Playboy because they like the articles. As we’ve said before, it’s “Show, Don’t Tell” journalism.

There is good news for Fields Fans. She’ll be appearing on Redeye on the Fox News Channel this weekend. No doubt she’ll get plenty of comments about her thoughtful insights on current events legs.