UPDATED: Police Have the Gun That Killed Chasen

The L.A. Times blog is reporting that the gun recovered from the man who committed suicide in the lobby of a Hollywood apartment building last week is the gun used in the shooting of Ronni Chasen.

The man, who has since been identified as Harold Martin Smith, shot himself when he was approached by police investigating Chasen’s killing. Police were tipped by the TV program America’s Most Wanted, according to the blog. Police identified him as a person of interest.

This is the latest a number of twists and turns in the case since the shooting on November 16.

Update: Beverly Hills Police Chief David Snowden confirms that the gun used by Harold Martin Smith to commit suicide is the gun used to shoot Ronni Chasen, the AP reports. In addition, it’s believed that Smith acted alone in committing the crime and it was not a professional hit.

Update: Beverly Hills investigators believe that Ronni Chasen’s killing was a robbery gone bad, CBS News reports. BHPD Chief Snowden suggests that Smith rode a bicycle while committing the crime. Police are also saying that Smith’s earlier claim that he’d been paid $10,000 is untrue.

Friends and observers are doubtful of the police assessment. A former prosecutor, Robin Sax, raised a number of questions during an appearance on The Early Show today. Sax called it “a little bit strange” that the crime was committed on a bicycle given where the bullets struck Chasen and the distance between Hollywood and Beverly Hills (about seven miles).

The case remains open.