Poken Lets You Expand Your Social Network with a Wave of a Hand

Now this is a rather weird idea. Poken.com lets you expand your social network with a wave of your hand. How’s that sound to you? Weird right? But it’s true, using a Poken you can immediately connect with people you meet in the real world in your respective social networking sites. Provided of course that the person also has his/her Poken.

Poken.com says they are another social network. True enough they don’t offer a social networking site. But rather a communication tool. The idea is like this. If you have the Poken (which I supposed you know by now is similar to a token), you can connect to another Poken owner by simply connecting you Poken and each of your Pokens will exchange personal information about you and the other person.

But it doesn’t end there of course. The moment you connect the Poken’s USB connector to your computer which is connected online, you can immediately transfer the person’s information into your social networking accounts. This eliminates the need for you to login to your social networking account, or to remember their name and even their telephone numbers.

You can choose which of your social network profiles you would like to share with people when you meet them in the real world. Once you’ve connected with another Poken holder, a small logo of each social network you choose is displayed on your Poken card. The Poken card also displays your most basic information. You can also view the other Poken owner’s profile at the doyoupoken.com site. And if you want to see more about that person, you can immediately select which social networking site you want to view their information.

In addition, you can also send messages, group contacts, write notes and more on the Poken site. To get yourself a Poken card though, you will have to purchase it directly from doyoupoken.com. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t say the price of the Poken outright. You will need to create a Poken account first before you can order yourself a Poken.

If this deal does sound interesting to you, go ahead and try it out. You can always opt out of the purchase deal if you find out about the price anyway.