Point At Someone, Learn Their Social Media Quotient

A new augmented reality technology that allows people to point a smartphone at a stranger and learn about them via social media premiered last week in Spain.

The Swedish mobile software firm that designed the tech, The Astonishing Tribe, told MIT Technology Review that their software takes “social networking to the next level.”

A user could point their phone with a 5 megapixel camera at anyone nearby. The software detects the subject’s face and matches it with a database in the cloud.

Right now, users will have to opt in to the database, but if they have, the software will pull in the subject’s social media data and display it on the person’s face.

The Astonishing Tribe says that they’ve created the database as opt-in because of the privacy concerns, but now that this tech is available, will others be so kind?

We once met a guy at a networking event who would connect to new contacts on LinkedIn and then insist on invitations to those contacts’ connections that he thought would be helpful to him. As in, he’d coyly negotiate a one-on-one meeting with his new “friend” and bring a printed list of every one of that friend’s connections, and go down the list together.

Sure, you could refuse (we did), but this technology seems like it’s just another way for people to be rude assholes.

THAT BEING SAID though, it certainly LOOKS really cool–and we like this proposed use in the following video from the Tribe: a guy’s giving a presentation that somebody in the audience likes, and she can grab his business card and a copy of the presentation right on her phone.