Podhoretz Picks Fight with Buzzfeed

The NYPost’s John Podhoretz had a total Twitter meltdown on Monday evening. He was angry over this piece by Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski. The piece shows a video of a frustrated Paul Ryan ending an interview with a local TV reporter in Flint, MI. Ryan didn’t like the line of questioning and a Ryan aide ended the interview and put a piece of paper in front of the TV camera in a fit. The ORIGINAL headline for Kaczynski’s piece was “Paul Ryan Gets Testy and Walks Out of Interview.” TECHNICALLY, he didn’t walk away. He DID end the interview. But, Ryan stuck around to complain to the interviewer because he didn’t like the way he handled the questions. Immediately, Podhoretz began haranguing Kaczynski, saying that Ryan didn’t end the interview. On the updated headline, Podhoretz tweeted, “thats not what happened. Aide said that’s it, not Ryan. inaccurate.” Kaczynski responded, “Please, he abruptly got up. He could have finished.” Podhoretz fired back, “horseshit” and called Kaczynski a “deceitful punk.”

To his credit, Kaczynski stood his ground and pointed out how silly Podhoretz looked as he spewed Twitter rage all over himself. Andrew just retweeted Podhoretz’s name-calling and said, “mature guy.”

The funniest line of the whole fight was delivered by Podhoretz when he contradicted himself by saying, “Listen, little boy–when you do something wrong you change it. That’s what a grown up journalist does. Grow up, child.” What GREAT advice from a grown man. Go on a rampage of name calling and attacks and then telling a younger, harder working journalist to “grow up.”

Someone must have told Podhoretz that he was coming off like a pompous jerk, because moments later, he tweeted the following.

It seems appropriate that Podhoretz has a photo of his young child as his Twitter avatar, because he acted just like one last night.