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podcasts for writers

Have you jumped on board the podcast train yet? If not, here are a couple of reasons to add one or three to your iTunes playlist, according to public radio journalist Stacy Bond: “Podcasts can be entertaining companions for writers who have unusual schedules or spend a great deal of time alone… They’re also a great way to learn. You can tune into a podcast and listen to how fellow writers approach a problem or brush up on a topic you plan to write about.”

So, after you’ve (finally) gotten through Serial, give a few writer-friendly podcasts a listen. Here’s one to try:

Description: The Longform Podcast, which is produced by the same people who run long-form platform The Atavist, is among [Chicago-based reporter Robin] Amer‘s personal favorites. The show, said Amer, includes interviews with “everyone from Buzz Bissinger to Masha Gessen to Emily Bazelon, and each interview delves into process and the economics of their coverage in a way I find very useful and informative.”
Must-hear episode: Episode #142 features New York Times reporter Sarah Maslin Nir. She explains, step by step, how she broke and reported the stories of abused nail salon workers in New York City.
Excerpt: “The idea of a discount luxury is an oxymoron. And it’s an oxymoron for a reason: because someone is bearing the cost of that discount. In nail salons it’s always the person doing your nails, my investigation found. That has put a new lens on the world for me.”

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