Podcaster 3 for iPhone: Download & Play Podcasts Without Needing a PC or Mac

Apple’s iOS 5 will bring WiFi Sync to the table. It lets iPhones and iPads to wirelessly sync to a Mac or PC over a WiFi network. This, however, still requires that you have a desktop or notebook computer nearby, turned on and accessible over the same WiFi network as the iPhone or iPad. One media category that involves periodic updates is podcasts. If you would like to subscribe, download and play either audio or video podcasts without the need for a partnered computer, a formerly $1.99 app that does this is now free.

Podcaster 3 (iTunes App Store)

Its features include:

– In-app search
– Variable-speed playback, chapters, gestures, commercial skip buttons, and AirPlay.
– Refresh all feeds at once
– Resume automatically after interruptions
– Custom Playlists
– Supports lock screen, task bar & headphone remote
– Continues playback of video & audio episodes
– Supports password-protected feeds & episodes
– Supports custom playlists
– Share via email, Facebook, Twitter
– Supports External display
– Accessible with VoiceOver
– Sleep timer

The app has not had enough customer reviews to report an average customer rating.