Podcast 28: iFixit.com – Conversation with CEO Kyle Wiens About iPhone & Palm Pre Teardowns

iFixit.com is famous for its detailed photography and text descriptions of gadget tear downs (mostly Apple products). They were the group, for example, that discovered the 2nd generation iPod had an unused Bluetooth radio in it. They took apart the Palm Pre and its TouchStone induction charger this past weekend. I spoke with its CEO and founder Kyle Wiens to talk about iFixit, their tear downs and their new user contributed tear downs.


iFixit uses their same day or near same day gadget tear downs to publicize their services. They provide free Apple product repair guides (MacBook, iPod, iPhone and other Apple products) with the hope that you will buy the parts you need to fix your product from them.

I was really impressed by Kyle’s philosophy to encourage people to fix their hardware to reduce electronic component waste and its impact on the environment.

We discuss Kyle’s philosophy, how iFixit got started, the iPhone 3G tear down last summer and this past weekend’s Palm Pre and Pre TouchStone charger tear down.

NOTE: During the podcast I said at both the beginning and end of the recording that it is podcast #29. I was wrong. It is podcast #28.

This podcast is 26 minutes and 47 seconds long.

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