Podcast 26: iHound Tracks Your iPhone Down – Conversation with Gary Moskoff

Podcast 26 is a 28 minute 23 second long conversation with Gary Moskoff of iHound Software.

iHound 1.1.1 (iTunes App Store)

…is a $3.99 iPhone app (currently on sale for $2.99) that can help you recover your iPhone if it is ever lost or stolen. It does this by leaving a virtual breadcrumb trail of where it has been when the app was activated by you or someone else. You can login to iHound’s web service that displays a map of where your iPhone has been in the recent past. The first six months of this service is included with the $2.99 (sale price) purchase. The service costs $9.99 annually after that.

Gary announced on the podcast that iHound has released code to let other applications leave these breadcrumbs too. So, for example, if someone launches a game or some other app on your iPhone includes iHound’s code, this app will leave a location breadcrumb that can be tracked from your iHound web account.

iHound also provides a free service for up to three supported USB devices like thumb drives and even some Canon digital cameras that you can try.

You can learn more about iHound for iPhone at…


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