PocketNow's Copy And Paste Poll

This week a number of different web sites have published reviews of a technical preview of Windows Phone 7, which is bringing back discussion about all the things that are not in Windows Phone 7, like copy and paste. The PocketNow web site is currently running a poll asking users about how important copy and paste is to them. As of the time that I am writing this, 852 people have responded to the poll and only 12% have said that copy and paste is unnecessary. I’ve seen debate about how necessary copy and paste is on smartphones. I personally think it is very necessary because I prefer to minimize the amount of data entry I do on a phone, but I can understand how some folks may think it unnecessary. About 40% of the people who responded in the poll said they consider copy and paste a nice to have, the question is, do those people think that the lack of copy and paste is a reason to not buy a smartphone?