PocketGear Now Appia: Rebranding & Launching Websites Can Be Tricky

Launching a new ecommerce site can be tricky. Rebranding a well-known entity can be even tricker. Combine the two and things are bound to happen in unexpected ways. I received a press release telling me that long time mobile app marketplace PocketGear changed its name to Appia. It also changed its focus from sellings apps directly to consumers to a “white-label” app store platform for carriers and manufacturers. Pointing your browser at Appia.com results in arriving at the page seen to the left.

However, despite the change of name and focus, pointing your web browser at PocketGear.com reveals the consumer focused app marketplace is still in business too and does not redirect to Appia.com.

The press release goes on to say: Today the company also launched an updated developer portal (dev.appia.com) where developers can go to upload their apps for discovery, download and distribution globally. Unfortunately, pointing your browser to that URL results in an under construction page that redirects to the Handango Developer portal.

PocketGear purchase Handango in February 2010. Still, it could be a big confusing to the casual visitor to the site.

Like I said, launch a new website and rebranding can be tricky.