PocketFinder 2 for iPhone & iPad: Find Kids, Pets & Cars

If you ever want to track kids, pets or even a fleet of vehicles, you might want to check out the PocketFinder 2 app. It works on on an iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The app is free but there is a catch or, perhaps, a catch and a half.

PocketFinder 2

The app provides the following features:
– Mapping – Easy to view of all your devices located on a single map
– Alerts – Receive app notifications, text messages and emails
– Zones – Set zones and receive alerts at entry and/or exit
– Speed Limits – Set speed limits and receive alerts when your device is going too fast
– History – View location history for up to 60 days
– Accuracy – Accurate locations, typically up to 10 feet
– Profile – Personalize by naming your devices and changing pictures or avatars.

The “catch” is a reasonable one. The PocketFinder 2 app works with dedicated GPS locator hardware. There are three models:

1. The People tracker is a small device that is meant for use, as the name implies, by people. Its battery can be used for up to a week before requring a recharge. The manufacturer claims that it can survive going through a washer and dryer. It can be configured to alert you via email or text message when the person with the device leaves some defined geographic zone.

2. The Pet tracker is designed to be placed on a dog or cat collar. A silicone holder is included with the device. It too is dirt and water proof.

3. The Vehicle tracker is designed to be mounted in a car and powered by the car’s battery.

The “half catch” is that of these three hardware GPS tracker products only the Vehicle trakcer is currently available for purchase ($189.95). The monthly wireless data service fee is $12.95.