Pocket Platoons WWII Strategy Game Launches on Mobile

The game sees players building a base and recruiting an army to defeat enemies in multiple battle modes.

Fruit Attacks company En Masse Entertainment has announced the release of its second mobile title: Pocket Platoons. The base-building combat game is set during World War II, and challenges players to collect resources, recruit an army and defeat enemies in single and multiplayer battles.

In Pocket Platoons, players choose to support the Allies or Axis faction, and will build and upgrade their base and army by collecting and spending gold, fuel and supplies. Players will build structures like a boot camp and barracks to recruit units for their army, and will unlock new kinds of troops for recruitment as they upgrade these structures (some of the game’s content is locked behind overall experience point level requirements).

Pocket Platoons

After players have recruited enough troops, they can take their army into battle, deploying individual units on a battle grid while taking the environment into account. For instance, players can deploy their units behind trees or rocks to give them cover from enemy attacks. Each turn-based battle allows players to manually direct their troops to attack chosen enemies, or to toggle auto attack for faster progression.

Outside of battle, players can research special battle tactics relating to things like grenades and bazookas, as examples. Players spend energy to activate these special abilities during battle. Outside of the game’s more than 300 campaign stages, players can take their army into wave-based siege battles, secret missions, boss stages and player-vs-player battles. Some of these modes are locked to high-level players.

As units are injured or even defeated in battle, players can spend gold or supplies (or healing items) to heal or revive them, respectively. Units will also level up as they battle, and can be awarded stat boosts in the form of medals. Players can choose from one of three medals each time a unit is eligible for such a promotion, and can spend gold to change the selection of medals to find the stat boost they’re looking for.

While Pocket Platoons is free-to-play, players can spend premium currency to speed up building, upgrade or recruitment tasks around their base, as examples.

In a statement, Chris Lee, CEO of En Masse Entertainment, commented:

Sometimes great things come in small packages, and that’s exactly how we feel about Pocket Platoons. This game offers an amazing amount of depth with its wide range of units and variety of modes. We trust players will find its emphasis on tactical strategy, army composition and unit positioning makes Pocket Platoons a real gem of a game.

Pocket Platoons is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is coming soon to the Amazon Appstore.