Pocket Informant For iPad

Pocket Informant HD for iPad is an alternate calendar and tasks application that graphically appears like a paper planner. The iPad version of this program is the latest for one of the oldest mobile apps that I have known, having been available for Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile phones seemingly forever. You can find versions of Pocket Informant for Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and iOS, and an Android version is in development.

Image courtesy of Web Information Solutions, Inc.
Pocket Informant is popular because it integrates tasks and calendar in one program. For example, tasks that have a due date appear on the calendar entry on that date, along with the appointments for that day, giving you a single view of all that needs to be done on a given day. In my opinion Pocket Informant is best viewed in landscape on the iPad, and I particularly like the week view for the calendar that shows all seven days in fairly large boxes and has a five month calendar.
Tasks is very robust though I think the display is a little too busy. Tasks supports the two most popular task management methodology by having Franklin Covey and Getting Things Done modes. I’ve been using Pocket Informant to manage my tasks and I am not certain whether I like prefer it to the Toodledo iPad app.
One of the best things about Pocket Informant is that it synchronizes directly with the cloud apps Google Calendar and Toodledo, and I use both of these services. If you use Outlook there is a desktop sync app that synchronizes with Outlook running on the desktop via a network connection. Macintosh desktop sync and Microsoft over the air synchronization is in development.
Over all I am pretty happy with Pocket Informant on the iPad, though there are a few things I would like to see improved. I would really like the ability to filter tasks that appear on the Today view by context so that when I am at work I only see my work tasks and when I am at home I see only my home tasks. The Today view can be very useful to focus on the things that I need to be working on, but I don’t want my home tasks cluttering up what I see when I am at work. A bonus would be to incorporate location services so that Pocket Informant knew where I was and automatically filtered my tasks based on that information. I also wish that the Add Task and Add Event windows were wider so that I can see more of a task or appointment title as I am typing.
Pocket Informant HD is currently being sold at an introductory price of $6.99 in the iTunes App store, and the price will go up $12.99 some time in the future.