Pocket Hipster: The Coolest App You’ve Never Heard Of

Who needs hipsters when you can simulate the experience?

You know that hipster friend you have? You know which one I’m talking about. He’s the one whose always been into music and the latest fashions, the one who knows about all the good bands before they get big? Well, they’ve made an app out of him.

Pocket Hipster is the coolest app you’ve never heard of. Downloadable from iTunes for only $0.99, Pocket Hipster combines all the brilliance of iTunes Genius with the all the personality of a real life hipster.
Essentially, the app is meant to find music that you like, hoping to entice you to but more. But seriously, when it comes to music, can you ever have enough? And who has time to sort through all the music out there anyhow? Pocket Hipster reads the type of music on your iTunes list like data, and generates suggestions.
Users can choose between a male or female hipster icon. Here’s how it works: the hipster of your choice grabs your phone, insults your music collection, and proceeds to recommend some “good inde stuff.” The whole experience is meant to simulate the hipster encounter, giving you all the great music recommendations but sparing you from ever having to use a hipster’s washroom (seriously, most of these guys live in west-end basement apartments and spend more money on agents or acting classes than toilet paper or hand soap).
A downfall of this app: you’ll never be directed to something completely out of your genre group, so in essence, the app corners the closed-minded. However, if your music collection is as eclectic as you are, then you’re on your way to an expansive music experience.