Pocket Gems releases Epic Empire: A Hero’s Quest on iOS

Image via Pocket Gems

Tap Zoo developer Pocket Gems has today announced the launch of Epic Empire: A Hero’s Quest on iOS. The game sees the popular mobile developer stepping away from its typical genres, and trying something new with an action game. Epic Empire challenges players with earning honor for their kingdom by defeating bandits and barbarians.

Players in Epic Empire have been forced from their home by a bandit, and can seek revenge by collecting and upgrading weapons and armor to help them stand a chance against the game’s progressively harder enemies. As players collect items from fallen enemies, they can equip them to their hero, or can use them as scrap to upgrade existing weapons.

Players are given their own village to grow and defend, with buildings like mines providing constant streams of coins to the player. Users are led through the storyline by quests, which typically involve exploring into unknown territory and defeating all of the enemies found within.

Image via Pocket Gems

While exploring, players tap on the ground to move their player, and can choose whether to engage with the enemies they find. Battles require energy to complete, and aren’t passive. Instead, players can tap repeatedly on an enemy to target and attack them.

After each series of battles, clouds surrounding the battlefield clear and players have more room to build additional resource production facilities. Buildings have timers that stop all progress from being instant, but players can use premium currency to speed these up. The game is further monetized via the purchase of potentially rare or epic level equipment in the blacksmith’s shop.

Epic Empire: A Hero’s Quest is now available to download for free on iOS, with an Android version coming later. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.