Pocket Gems ends 2013 with record revenue of $82 million


Mobile developer Pocket Gems has announced is revenues for 2013, ending the year with record revenue of $82 million. This represents a growth of 32 percent year-over-year, with Pocket Gems attributing its growth to both successful launches of new IP, like Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, as well as its continued operation of older games, including Tap Paradise Cove.

Speaking with TechCrunch, Pocket Gems CEO Ben Liu said one the keys to Pocket Gems’ success is the company’s focus on the free-to-play model and “very little advertising.” Since its formation in 2009, the company has grown in both size and revenue each year, and now sits at over 175 employees.

Going forward, Pocket Gems looks to redefine the way stories are told within mobile games, and is also working on console-like multiplayer experiences, which move away from asynchronous multiplayer and into real-time multiplayer.

Pocket Gems has already had a busy start to 2014, announcing its publishing deal with Gogii Games for Archie Riverdale Rescue on mobile. The company announced its plans to publish titles in late 2012.

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