Pocket Gems bets on Android with Tap Dragon Park

Pocket Gems is making good on its promise to focus more on Android. The company’s latest game is Tap Dragon Park — the developer’s first new IP to launch exclusively on Android.

Tap Dragon Park puts players in the role of a dragon trainer, whose job is to raise and train an army of dragons to defend the kingdom’s gold from troll attacks. According to Pocket Gems’ chief operating officer Ben Liu, Tap Dragon Park is once again pushing the creative envelope. The title is a strategy-battle game, rather than casual simulation game like previous Pocket Gems hits like Tap Pet Hotel and Tap Zoo.

Developed specifically for Android, Tap Dragon Park also comes with Android-only features like a live wallpaper that allows users to check in on their dragons just by looking at their phone.  Its a smart feature that could boost engagement and retention for the title, and is similar to what Zynga did when it launched Scramble With Friends on Android with an accompanying homescreen widget.

Liu tells us that Tap Dragon Park is the first of several Android games Pocket Gems will be launching this year, an aggressive approach for a company that only made its debut on the platform nine months ago. Although Pocket Gems isn’t yet seeing Android revenues in line with iOS earnings, describing them as “consistent with the rest of the industry”, the company is bullish on Android’s potential.

“One thing that’s pretty unique about Android is there’s tremendous diversity with all the different devices, geographies and form factors,” explains Liu. “It’s hard to have an apples to apples comparison because you have very high end and very low end devices on Android, but at the high-end part of the market good games are good games and they monetize well. We’ve been satisfied with our performance to date. It’s almost like multiple markets, there’s so much diversity.”

Although Tap Dragon Park represents an unproven format for the company, Pocket Gems’ last risk seems to have paid off. Its exploration-themed Tap Paradise Cove has proven to be a slow-burning hit, and is now comfortably lodged in the iOS top grossing charts.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, at the time of writing Tap Paradise Cove was Pocket Gems’ highest grossing iOS app, sitting at No. 21 on top grossing iPhone app charts, followed by Tap Pet Hotel at No. 35. Tap Dragon Park is available today on Google Play.