Pocket Gems Passes 40M Downloads After Pair of Hits Tap Zoo, Tap Pet Hotel

Sequoia-backed Pocket Gems said it surpassed 40 million downloads today mainly for its two hits Tap Zoo and Tap Pet Hotel. That’s up from 28 million three months ago.

More enviable though is the company’s consistent ranking atop the highest-grossing charts on iOS. Tap Pet Hotel has stayed within the top 13 grossing apps for the last month, while the company’s original hit Tap Zoo has hovered around third place.

Pocket Gems has had at least one game in the top 10 grossing apps for the past 40 weeks; it was said to have been on a $2 million monthly revenue run-rate in January, which may be at least double that now with twice the number of titles consistently in the top-grossing five and iOS’ growing footprint. Of course, the company didn’t comment on revenue figures.

Not only that, there’s a slew of titles in the works which may bump revenue higher.

“Our pipeline is insane,” chief executive Daniel Terry tells us. “We’re going to put out a bunch of games.”

He didn’t say how many games would come out soon, but he did hint they’re probably no longer animal-themed. Android titles are coming soon too. Pocket Gems has staffed up, with 40 hires this year.

The company, founded by Terry and his friend from college Harlan Crystal, was originally a side project that grew into a business. Terry and Crystal experimented on a number of concepts that were proven on the Facebook platform like farming games until they hit upon Tap Zoo, a casual sim game where players manage a zoo and buy animals.

Incentivized installs, where users can download apps in exchange for virtual currency, helped jumpstart the company back in 2009.

Terry said the company didn’t suffer too much of a revenue hit when Apple cracked down on the practice earlier this year. At the same time the platform began rejecting apps with offer walls, Pocket Gems launched Tap Pet Hotel, which more than made up for any negative financial impact.

“Tapjoy was important for us at the beginning, but it wasn’t a huge, huge thing this year,” Terry said. “We just had a large user base that’s been powerful and our brand is starting to stand on its own.”