PMK*BNC Dumps Mariah Carey

They'd been together for 15 years.


Last night, the always-reliable Page Six told us that PMK*BNC CEO Cindi Berger, who Ian Mohr describes as a “power publicist,” chose to end her 15-year relationship with Mariah Carey.

The shift comes as Carey prepares a “residency” at Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Vegas and a new greatest hits album; Epic’s internal team will handle Carey’s PR needs in the meantime.

Berger told Billboard this morning:

“We’ve been through a lot together, and I care very deeply for her personally. But this was the right time.”

Another post on the Inquisitr blog claims that “Many suspect that Carey’s notorious diva-like attitude kicked in” without naming the “many”; even The New York Post didn’t go that far.

It’s worth noting that Carey hasn’t had any good news attached to her name in some time and that she has long been known both inside and outside the music industry for behavior that almost feels designed to make headlines. That may soon change, though: someone tried very hard to spin her recent divorce from Nick Cannon as “easy” for TMZ yesterday, and the singer’s coming holiday film project somehow inspired CNN to publish this headline this morning:

5 Reasons the Mariah Carey Christmas Movie Has to Happen

In other Carey news, the star recently graduated from requesting Cristal and “bendy straws” in her backstage riders to asking for pricey cabernet sauvignon and vanilla aromatherapy candles.

No diva-like attitude there.