Plundering my brethren

Still on the road, but here are things you shouldn’t miss today, courtesy of my intrepid cousins at Fishbowls DC, LA, and TV:

  • TVNewser has a good recap of Rick Kaplan’s freakout at Keith Olbermann, from today’s item in Scoopy Lloyd. Seems he thought Olbermann’s blunt, honest appeal to viewers on Monday to quit smoking based on his own medical experience — and surely on a day appropriate for such warnings — might scare viewers away from catching Rita Cosby’s debut (Bob Cesca on HuffPo thinks that it might be Rita’s rather grating voice that’s scaring viewers away). Is it us, or has Kaplan been acting kind of irrationally regarding Cosby? Moving portraits, blowing up at Olbermann, switching timeslots…okay that last one isn’t irrational, but he does seem to set an awful lot of store by Cosby. Anyhow, it’s a weird, public way to behave, especially to one of your top-rated hosts, as TVN points out. Update: TVN, fair and balanced as ever, has two emails from tipsters on both sides. One says Kaplan’s a little on the wonky side lately; the other says that Olbermann’s personal medical issue was ill-timed considering that Monday was a day to pay tribute to Peter Jennings.
  • Everything’s up to date in Atalantic City: Clearly Jason Binn hasn’t gone as far as he can go; FishbowlDC reports rumors that he’s sniffing around AC for a possible magazine launch. Update: crack media maven Greg Lindsay informs us that the rumors are true, and Binn is, in fact, Atlantic City-bound. He also informs me that “Down on the Boardwalk” is a better song to use…oh that Greg, always too butch for the showtune.
  • Novak, Schmovak: Our wise cousin wrote this, and we like it, especially dressed up in pleather. Apparently “the calls for Novak to come clean are getting louder and more frequent” and everyone by now knows that Ed Henry had a big ol’ copy of Who’s Who in America sitting neatly bookmarked in front of him on “Inside Politics” last Thursday. Go read his post, or check out this Novak/Clash mash-up on Crooks & Liars.
  • There’s a land that I see where the cup size is D… Our sun-worshipping brother down in LA takes a break from wheeling and dealing on his cellphone Ari Gold-style to rock an awesome “Free To Be You And Me” reference, report on the celeb-stalking proclivities of the paparazzi (People staffers even get a handy printout of tips from home base!), not say anything about a mouse roaring at Disney, and report on the soup choices at the LA Times. He also notes the rumor that Michael Kinsley is gunning for the top spot at the Atlantic Monthly, which as we’ve said before is neither Atlantic nor Monthly, and now comes with less fiction to boot! Discuss it all with him at the rad party he invited us all to. Gnarly!
    (NB: sorry, I’m doing this from an internet cafe that won’t let me link. I will fix it as soon as I can but until then just point your lil’ mousie over to and you’ll see what I mean.)

  • Fishtern Jamie Frevele writes a heartfelt essay about Peter Jennings on TVNewser. It is, I think, an excellent example of the impact Jennings had on the newest generation of journalists. That’s quite a legacy.