Plunder Pirates: Become a Master of the High Seas on iOS

plunder pirates 650Rovio has released the newest game under its Rovio Stars publishing brand, Plunder Pirates, and this voyage on the high seas is now available on iOS devices. In Plunder Pirates, players build their very own pirate island in the middle of the ocean, and recruit a crew of scurvy scalawags to plunder the riches available in the lands around them. Developed by Midoki, title is similar to Clash of Clans, and any number of other base-building and combat games released in recent months, but with a pirate theme, rather than one focused on medieval or modern militaries.

Players start with very little on their island, as Mother Nature wiped out the island and their ship. However, players can build on what remains, constructing gold mines and grog distilleries to produce the game’s two main resources. Gold and grog are used in various quantities to construct and upgrade other buildings, like the tavern, pirate hall, resource storage buildings, lighthouses, guild halls and more.

Players use the tavern to recruit pirates for their army. Different types of units require different amounts of resources to recruit. Users can hire buccaneers and gunners to start, but can eventually construct an academy, which unlocks additional unit types.

Players can take their armies into battle against other real-world players, or spend their time exploring the map, uncovering computer-controlled enemy bases, computer controlled ships, and other key locations. Exploration takes time, and sees players dragging in straight lines away from their island into uncharted waters. When the ship arrives, players can uncover any surrounding squares, which may contain free treasure (simply tap to collect) or enemy islands to plunder. When users see enemy ships on the water, they can tap to see the difficultly level associated with defeating them, as well as their reward level for doing so. These battles may result in the loss of some soldiers.

During battle, players tap on the screen to deploy their units and rowboats. They’ll automatically approach the shore of the enemy base and attack nearby structures, collecting grog and gold in the process. Bases can be protected by cannons, gun towers and other defensive items, and players lose their units after they’ve been deployed. They’ll need to return home and recruit additional units in order to keep playing. Players receive battle points after combat, and exploration points for exploring the ocean.

A quest system guides players through the actions they should likely take next (and sometimes offers free premium currency), and players can join a guild with other users to unlock a chat menu on the left side of the screen.

While free-to-play, Plunder Pirates offers multiple options for spending real money. Users can purchase premium items from the store, or spend premium currency to speed up building and upgrade tasks, as well as unit recruitment or exploration out on the ocean. Plus, gamers who don’t wish to be attacked by others can purchase shields for their island that last varying amounts of time.

Plunder Pirates is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. It’s currently featured as a Best New Game on the service.