Plumbee announces funding, launches Mirrorball Slots on Facebook

Casino game studio Plumbee breaks out of stealth today with $2.8 million in funding and a freshly-launched slots game on Facebook.

This first round of funding was led by Paris-based Idinvest Partners. Idinvest has a history of getting involved with games startups, and has helped fund other groups like PyramidVille developer Kobojo and Grand Cru, which is currently working on The Supernauts.

Plumbee’s first title for Facebook is Mirrorball Slots, which is currently in beta on Facebook. As the name implies, it’s a slots game with fairytale themes. There are three themes currently available: Rapunzel’s Tower, Goldilocks and the Wild Bears and The Magic Mirror (based on Snow White). Plumbee is promising more themes in the future with the Big Bad Wolf next in line.

Mirrorball’s gameplay feels like a standard slots game, though more social features like medals and soft currency are promised in the near future. There’s little to differentiate the game from similar titles like Lucky Slots, as the only perceivable difference between the themes is their appearance. The game’s store can only be used for the “coins” hard currency at the moment, although there are tabs for “cash” currency, gifts and  charms that are promised to come soon. Slots is a popular subgenre for casino titles on Facebook; our AppData leaderboard for gambling games shows that half of the top twenty are slots-themed.

Plumbee’s public revelation may also be the beginning of a new wave of British game startups, as the UK government recently revealed that it was providing tax breaks to game developers as part of an effort to turn the area  into “Europe’s technology center.”

Plumbee was founded by former EA Playfish executives Raf Keustermans, Gerald Tan and Jodi Moran. Keustermans now serves as Plumbee’s CEO, while Tan and Moran wear the hats of COO and CTO, respectively. Currently, the East London studio’s team consists of 20 people who have worked with companies like EA Playfish, Nokia and Codemasters in the past. Plumbee is also hiring for its in-house team for mobile development.