Please Stay Out of Our Offices

The Posties on 15th St. want to keep the riffraff out.

From an internal message sent by Maryland Editor RB Brenner:


    In recent weeks, I’ve grown concerned that too many of our reporters are routinely working out of the downtown Washington newsroom instead of in the bureaus where you are based. This has potentially negative consequences that cause me to worry: 1. Not having enough reporters in a county bureau if/when a big news event happens; 2. the strain this puts on Extra editors, as well as on your colleagues who faithfully work out of the bureaus as expected.

    I realize that sometimes you need to be in the downtown newsroom for very valid reasons, but please be sure these are cleared with me (and not just your assignment editor).


This was followed up by AME/Metro Bob McCartney:

    Maryland staff —

    I share R.B.’s concern about reporters too often working downtown. It’s much to your advantage (and ours) to work in the bureaus or, better, out in the community. It’s a cliche, but only because it’s true: there’s no news in the newsroom. We have six bureaus in the Maryland suburbs because that’s where our readers live, work and play. There’s nothing like first-hand observation and physical presence to get the details that bring a story to life or to develop contacts that yield scoops. Take advantage of being in the field.


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