Please Don’t Try to Copy The New Republic

The New Republic is back in a big way. The magazine, which began publishing all the way back in 1914, has a new print design (orchestrated by Dirk Barnett) and a new website — both of which are great. It also landed a big interview with Barack Obama for its latest issue.

Because of all of this, TNR is getting everyone’s attention. But if the hype has you thinking “Hey, maybe my magazine will work after all!” FishbowlNY is here to tell you that it won’t. We’re sorry, but it just won’t. Here is why:

  • Your magazine is not owned by Chris Hughes. Hughes bought TNR last March. He was a co-founder of a tiny site called Facebook and has a net worth of about $700 million. Those millions are necessary to launch a magazine and let’s be honest, you do not have those millions.
  • Your magazine doesn’t have the history of TNR. People are buzzing about TNR because it has a rich past. They want it to succeed because it used to be so influential. John F. Kennedy allegedly read TNR. Since your magazine is new, people won’t care about it as much.
  • You will not get an interview with Barack Obama. TNR only got that splashy interview with Obama because Hughes worked on Obama’s 2008 campaign. Since (again) your magazine is not owned by a rich person with connections, you will not land a great interview like this. But we’re sure your mom would give you 15 minutes or so. Don’t even think about asking your dad.