PlayStation Will Remake ‘Perfect Day’ TV Spot With Footage From Gamers

Sony brand wants players to submit their best moments

Sony's PlayStation 4 is reportedly off to a quick sales start less than a week on the market, and this week the gaming brand is debuting a cool user-generated interactive initiative intended to keep the momentum going. What's more, participants may find themselves in a remake of PS4's well-received "Perfect Day" television commercial in the coming months.

In effort dubbed "First to Greatness" and led by BBH New York, the brand is encouraging consumers to claim their place in PS4 history by uploading footage via the console of their best gaming "firsts." There are parameters, such as the moments need to be from PlayStation's bevy of popular games such as Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and NBA2K14. Their contributions will organized in 64 categories in a digital archive, which will be available on the console. 

Once the participating gamers collectively achieve 64 "firsts," a new feature will be unlocked on the console that lets every gamer record up to 64 of their personal firsts.

Some of the consumers' submissions will then be employed as creative for a new version of "Perfect Day." The one-minute spot is approaching a whopping 11 million YouTube views since debuting last month.

"First to Greatness" is being pushed by banner ads and website takeovers on major gaming sites, while being supported by social-media postings on the brand's properties.