PlayStation 3 Gets First In-Game Facebook Integration

Sony has been experimenting with Facebook integration, last fall introducing a way for users to share Playstation 3 game information to Facebook, like trophies, purchases, and in-game events. But you had to do it from within the main interface. The company yesterday released what it says is the first way to share to Facebook from within a game, specifically its Buzz: Quiz World game.

Given the ubiquity of quiz apps on Facebook, the choice of title here makes sense. Users like to ask each other questions, see others’ results and scores. Our question here: will easier sharing from the PS3 to Facebook spur more interest in the console’s games?

In any case, PS3 owners first need to sync their Facebook accounts to their console identity, then select the option to share in-game events. We haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but the company blog says that after synching: “you’ll be offered the option of posting stats like what place you finished in and what buzzer noises your friends used, once you’ve completed a BUZZ! Quiz World PS3 game. All you have to do is hit the red button on your BUZZ! Buzzer to accept and these fun stats from your game will be added to your Facebook wall.”