PlaySpan Announces Several Partners for Virtual Goods Marketplace

Earlier this month, PlaySpan announced the launch of its virtual goods marketplace. The site will be comprised of items from dozens of different online games, and bring them together all in one place instead of creating separate virtual marketplaces for each specific game.

This new “PlaySpan Virtual Goods Marketplace” will sell the items from games such as EVE Online, Saga, War Rock, Knight Online, and others. Players will be able to visit the new marketplace regardless of the game they play and purchase each game’s virtual currency or the items they desire directly.

PlaySpan also announced recently that it had raised a $16.8 million round of funding. According to PlaySpan chief executive, Karl Mehta, this new site will be simple, secure, and offer plenty of payment methods with a potential customer base of over 100 million users. Furthermore, since the site sells items and currency directly with the permission of the game developers it supports, they can avoid the much of fraud, scams, and theft that can come in ad-hoc secondary markets.

As it stands now, supporting publishers include Aeria, CCP, GamersFirst, InixSoft, NHN, Ntreev, and Saga. A number of these are based in Asia where the virtual goods movement is strongest and most mature, thus making up a large portion of an industry now worth approximately $1.5 billion (based on Strategy Analytics).

[via VentureBeat]

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