PlaySpan Launches Virtual Goods Marketplace Inside Facebook with Spare Change

marketplaceNot too long ago, virtual currency platform PlaySpan acquired Spare Change, one of the largest third party virtual currencies on the Facebook Platform. Now, the company is launching a virtual good marketplace within Facebook and MySpace (though the latter is not out just yet) where users can find a centralized hub for all their virtual goods and currency needs.

Using the PlaySpan Marketplace, users can purchase in-game items for 18 different PlaySpan supported games using Spare Change, a refundable currency (for up to 30 days) that can be added using a credit card or existing PayPal account. Some of the games supported include Ragnarok Online, EVE Online, Saga, and Lunia. Seeing as how many of these are virtual goods based free-to-play games, this could make it easier for players who play multiple freemium MMOGs to purchase items and game currencies for those games.

Of course, the new app also adds a slight social element as well. Since the Marketplace is integrated into Facebook, all purchases are published to your News Feed. This is another way games included in the marketplace can get promotion inside Facebook without the game actually needing to be published on the Facebook Platform.

The marketplace certainly seems like a logical progression based on the moves previously made by the company. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that PlaySpan grouped up with hi5 to bring its payment solutions to the “social entertainment” site. Spare Change already powers transactions for over 700 games and applications on Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo.