PlaySpace Looks to Grow its Casual Multiplayer Brand on Facebook

playspace bingo 650Mobile and social game company PlaySpace has already experienced success in Latin America, with its casual multiplayer games for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets, but now the company aims to grow elsewhere, like in the US and UK. To do so, PlaySpace offers eight multiplayer games across multiple platforms, including Facebook, iOS, Android and the web.

One of those games is Bingo PlaySpace, a casual bingo title on Facebook, offering multiple virtual room locations (like Madrid or Barcelona) and auto-play, with cards that don’t resemble traditional Bingo cards.

In each game of Bingo PlaySpace, users work to fill their cards with complete lines of daubed numbers. These numbers aren’t presented in the typical B-O column style. Instead, the cards are horizontal, with three long rows each. Each game has three win conditions, reserved for three lucky players. The first is for completing one single line on a single card. The second is for completing two lines on a single card, and the final prize is rewarded for completely daubing a single card.

Bingo PlaySpace 650

Players win coins when they complete these win conditions, and will receive experience points while playing. Players can spend these coins to access future Bingo games, with each card costing coins to purchase. The room also impacts the cost of playing, as some rooms offer more expensive cards than others.

A real-time chat window allows players to meet friends while gaming, and a separate slot machine gives players something else to do while the game is auto-daubing their numbers (if they choose to use auto-play, that is). The slot machine sees users gambling their excess coins for a chance at a jackpot of 10,000 coins. This slot machine also serves as an interactive ad for another of the company’s games, Restaurant Slots PlaySpace.

All of PlaySpace’s titles offer cross-platform play for their available platforms, allowing gamers to take their progress with them across multiple devices. Bingo PlaySpace is available to play for free on Facebook. It’s also available to download for free on Google Play and iOS.