Playrise Digital launches Table Top Racing: Gamer Edition on Amazon and Samsung stores


Playrise Digital has released a new version of its popular Table Top Racing mobile game to Amazon and Samsung gamers. Table Top Racing: Gamer Edition sees the ads and grinding removed from the experience, as players can access all of the game’s content with less work and time.

Table Top Racing: Gamer Edition costs $2.99 to download, and includes no advertisements. In addition, the prices of premium cars, upgrades, paint jobs and weapon wheels have been cut in half, so gamers won’t need to spend as much time with the game to unlock the items they’d like.

“We’ve left the option for In-App purchases in, but they are completely optional for those that want to cheat their way to victory or to support future development,” said Nick Burcombe, CEO Playrise Digital.

Table Top Racing sees users completing races across eight different tracks with 17 different vehicles. The game supports multiple race styles, including hot laps, basic circuit races and pursuit events, elimination-style races and combat events.

Table Top Racing: Gamer Edition is now available in Samsung’s App Store and the Amazon App Store for Kindle devices, and is on sale for a limited time. The game will come to iOS and Google Play later this year. In the meantime, the free-to-play, ad supported version of Table Top Racing is still available for interested players.

Check back soon to follow Table Top Racing: Gamer Edition, or its free-to-play counterpart, on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers. The franchise will expand to PS Vita later this year.