Playnomics launches User Segmentation Service for on-demand user targeting


Predictive analytics company Playnomics has announced the launch of its User Segmentation Service (USS), which aims to help developers and advertisers utilize its user segmentation technology in an on-demand setup. Using the USS, developers send the real-time API a user identifier, and receive a behavioral profile in return. This data can then help developers re-engage users, provide targeted messaging and more.

The USS can be used to isolate users based on a variety of factors, including Playnomics’ established monetization and predictive segments, or developers can create their own groups of users to fit their needs with the platform’s Custom Segmentation Creator.

Developers and advertisers can then leverage the platform to re-engage users who have left an app, or provide targeted messaging through push notifications and in-app messages. They can encourage user behavior by letting them know of new in-app sales, or they can feed these segmented groups of users into an ad server to show different ads to users based on their desired factors.

“We make it easy to dramatically improve the performance of any type of marketing campaign with access to our powerful segmentation engine,” said Chethan Ramachandran, CEO of Playnomics.

“Users are constantly changing their behavior within digital applications – and USS is meant to help developers and advertisers keep up. Whether you’re leveraging a third party ad network, email service, or in-app messaging provider – our USS tool can integrate with existing campaign tools and increase its effectiveness through both out-of-the-box and custom segments.”

More information on the USS can be found on Playnomics’ website.