Playing Hookie with Creative Intelligence


The perfect decorations, appropriate foods, and clever little details all contribute to the ultimate designed experience: a theme party. But the best theme party is one that happens right in the middle of the day, on a beautiful 80-degree afternoon, and you’re going to the beach to look at art.

Creative Intelligence’s Cultural Hookie lured their clients and friends–about 40 designers, event planners, producers, studio execs, and publicists–away from their offices for their first field trip in decades. A yellow school bus rumbled outside while the lyrics of bus songs were passed out–and yes, there were several verses of “B-I-N-G-O” heard on the way home. The cultural destination was a private viewing of the “Ashes and Snow” exhibit in Santa Monica, plus a Q & A with one of the architects. Afterwards, lunch boxes were distributed, complete with a note from mom on lined paper. Creative director Marc Friedland buzzed from group to group like a seasoned chaperone, making sure all enjoyed their homemade Ding Dongs and Cracker Jack (with prizes).

This is the first such event for Friedland’s company, which is known for their work “branding experiences” like exclusive glitzy galas and Swarovski crystal-studded invitations–projects their clients are heavily involved in, but don’t actually get to enjoy. A little event like this gave the people who deserved it most a chance to truly experience the Creative Intelligence magic.