PlayFirst Announces New Diner Dash Title

PlayFirst has announced the launch of the latest title in the Diner Dash franchise, Diner Dash Rush, a game that increases the speed of the franchise’s famous time management gameplay, while keeping the core experience intact.

In Diner Dash Rush, players follow Flo as she rushes to and fro around restaurants, making sure to take notice of things like color matching, chained actions and more. The game’s ‘rush’ mechanics come in during Happy Hour, a period at the end of Flo’s daily shifts where customers flood the restaurant, all come in the same color, and never lose their happiness. The player’s goal then becomes serving as many guests, and earning as many points as possible within the short Happy Hour period to earn a high score.

“When we built Diner Dash Rush, our goal was to create the fastest DASH experience ever,” said Marco DeMiroz, president and CEO, PlayFirst. “We’ve taken all the core elements that make the DASH series so entertaining and dialed them up with a competitive twist to make Diner Dash Rush the most exciting time management game ever.”

Diner Dash Rush is now available to download for free on iPhone and iPad. The game is supported by microtranscations in the form of power-ups that make levels easier when activated.