Playdom’s New Entrants Retain Their Lead on This Week’s List of Fastest Gaining Facebook Games by MAU

The latest two games from Playdom have the lead over everyone else on this week’s top 20 list of Facebook games gaining the most monthly active users. Social City is by far the standout with over three million new players, but Tiki Resort, a distant second, still manages to edge out the nearest competition.

This is Social City’s second week heading up the list. The city building game has only been around for a little longer than that, but it’s already the 19th largest game on Facebook, according to AppData, and shows no signs of slowing down yet. The game’s addicted userbase is also single-handedly dragging up Playdom’s daily active users as a percentage of MAU stat, as seen below.

So we’re finally ready to declare that Playdom has hit on the newest social gaming fad since fish games. In fact, the company has doubled down on its bet by investing $5 million in MetroGames, which makes Towner, another game in the SimCity style; you can find it at number seven on this list. As we reported last week, Zynga may also be ready to dive into city building.

That’s all too bad for the small developers who were early into the space with games like My Town and My City Life. Luckily, they’ve at least gained a toehold to fight from.

Here’s the rest of the list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Social City7,432,756+3,142,460+42.28
2.icon Tiki Resort2,939,897+666,014+22.65
3.icon Bubble Island2,762,032+613,707+22.22
4.icon Keyboard Mash!1,264,303+554,954+43.89
5.icon Texas HoldEm Poker28,332,917+525,270+1.85
6.icon MindJolt Games21,186,925+504,076+2.38
7.icon Towner1,282,282+446,669+34.83
8.icon Jeux Gratuits1,261,870+369,592+29.29
9.icon Zoo Paradise894,732+297,373+33.24
10.icon Music Pets859,321+284,943+33.16
11.icon Restaurant City15,503,029+265,926+1.72
12.icon JibJab259,333+259,333+100.00
13.icon 2010 Bracket Challenge420,185+249,961+59.49
14.icon Jumping Dog999,726+244,186+24.43
15.icon Bola615,192+207,641+33.75
16.icon PetVille19,961,359+206,531+1.03
17.icon Top Stalkers719,024+193,442+26.90
18.icon Mahjongg Dimensions1,148,597+186,747+16.26
19.icon Puzzle Bobble675,915+171,149+25.32
20.icon Ameba Pico459,112+160,692+35.00

Wooga’s new game Bubble Island is still doing well at number three. Consistent with Wooga’s homebase in Berlin, more of the bubble blasting game’s new users appear to be European than American. Its growth will likely continue, as higher levels of the game almost require that users invite their friends.

Keyboard Mash! doesn’t need any further description. But interaction specialists take note: Facebook users love banging mindlessly on their keyboards.

Finally, we’ll point out MindJolt Games. Its gain doesn’t look too significant for a game of its size, but don’t be fooled; steady wins the race. Assuming MindJolt was acquired before the beginning of March (we reported the acquisition on the 5th), the game is now a full 20 percent larger than what its acquirers paid for. Not bad, for a month’s work.