Playdom’s Latest Acquisition is Hive7, a Bay Area Startup

Over the course of this year, we’ve watch Playdom range far afield for its acquisitions, picking up companies in southern California, North Carolina, Washington and, even further afield, Argentina. But the Mountain View, Calif. company has returned to home base for its latest pick: Hive7, a Facebook developer whose biggest game is Knighthood.

What Hive7 does have in common with the other acquisitions (listed here) is that it’s pretty small, with eight employees listed on its about page and just 245,107 monthly active users on Facebook, according to AppData. Playdom itself is a couple orders of magnitude larger:

Although Hive7 doesn’t have much traffic at the moment, it’s probably working on something fairly significant. The company’s last game was released, as far as we know, before Christmas. Judging from Hive7’s jobs page, which has a listing for a developer with experience working on Stardoll, BarbieGirls or Habbo Hotel, the next release could be a virtual world aimed at tweens.

More broadly, Hive7 seems to specialize in massively multiplayer online games, a subject that CEO Max Skibinsky talked about in more detail in our interview with him last August.

As for Playdom, it’s now up to six acquisitions. This Tuesday, it announced $33 million in funding, which combined with its $43 million round from November could easily fill the company’s shopping basket with quite a few more companies like Hive7.