Playdom Leads the City Builders Among This Week’s Fastest Gaining Facebook Games by Monthly Active Users

Playdom’s new city building game, Social City, is on fire. It tops out this week’s AppData list of fastest-gaining Facebook games by monthly active users with 4.5 million new users, more than four times as many as the next-closest game.

The company has spared no expensive in promoting Social City — we’ve been spotting its ads repeatedly on Facebook. Despite being dogged by errors since its release earlier this month, the game is also attracting an incredibly loyal fan base. Our stats currently show that some 44 percent of its monthly users also return daily, although that’s admittedly an early measurement that will almost certainly drop a bit over time.

Although not terribly different in mechanics from other time-management games, it’s starting to look like SimCity-style games could be the next boom in Facebook gaming. We first pointed out the trend before Social City’s launch, when a handful of independent companies launched their own games. My Town, My City Life and Towner are still doing pretty well — you can see two below, while My City Life came in at number 21 — although it remains to be seen how they’ll hold up under the assault of a big company like Playdom.

Here’s the rest of the list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1. icon Social City 4,903,377 +4,583,083 +93.47
2. icon Tiki Resort 2,412,391 +1,063,186 +44.07
3. icon Bubble Island 2,245,579 +1,038,735 +46.26
4. icon MindJolt Games 20,921,341 +995,553 +4.76
5. icon Jeux Gratuits 1,000,142 +757,906 +75.78
6. icon Texas HoldEm Poker 28,026,262 +746,189 +2.66
7. icon Zoo Paradise 656,381 +544,053 +82.89
8. icon Towner 981,779 +534,449 +54.44
9. icon Restaurant City 15,407,398 +467,571 +3.03
10. icon Mahjongg Dimensions 1,005,516 +394,272 +39.21
11. icon Ameba Pico 346,812 +322,334 +92.94
12. icon Ninja Saga 4,293,040 +307,537 +7.16
13. icon Music Pets 612,719 +297,674 +48.58
14. icon SPP Ranch! 2,901,793 +296,043 +10.20
15. icon Top Stalkers 560,276 +292,579 +52.22
16. icon Jumping Dog 800,306 +263,994 +32.99
17. icon Puzzle Bobble 561,610 +243,235 +43.31
18. icon My Town 3,594,385 +242,052 +6.73
19. icon Glamble 592,164 +231,397 +39.08
20. icon MMA Pro Fighter 788,926 +231,223 +29.31

Tiki Resort is also a Playdom game. It and Bubble Island, by Wooga, were both leaders on last week’s list, too. Despite the apparent thematic similarity, they’re totally different: Tiki Resort has players build an island amusement park, while Bubble Island is a well-made bubble blasting game.

MindJolt Games, at number four, is continuing the growth trend it started when a group of former MySpace execs acquired the company. It’s followed by Jeux Gratuits, a French-language app that, like MindJolt, is a wrapper for a multiple casual games.

Zoo Paradise is the last game we’ll point out. The recent release from CrowdStar attempts to follow up on the smashing success of RockYou’s Zoo World. But so far it hasn’t had time to budge the needle for CrowdStar, which actually dipped below 50 million MAU this week.