Playdom Partners With Facebook for Five Years of Facebook Credits

Facebook’s grand plan for domination continues as it partners with Playdom for the use of Facebook Credits, enticing the social gaming giant to succumb to exclusivity over a five-year contract. Playdom, whom recently got acquired for $563.2 million, joins the likes of Crowdstar, RockYou and Zynga to enter into a five-year contract (notice: a long term contract is separate from a contract about exclusivity). The choice of going exclusive is expected to benefit all the players involved but there are others, such as Vikas Gupta of Jambool, that feel differently.

There are other players who are exclusively using Facebook Credits, such as Wooga and LOLApps in addition to the aforementioned players, but the 5 year deal is only exclusive to some, as we discussed in our previous post. Using an exclusive currency, players will be able to spend across all of Playdom’s games like Social City, Sorority Life and others.
Zynga and EA/Playfish have yet to sign a deal especially because Facebook Credits ARE voluntary, not mandatory. Facebook has not yet publicly announced whether Credits will be mandatory in part because of the adverse reaction that might entail. Facebook Credits is nonetheless aiming to become ubiquitous across social games as Facebook gains strength and numbers in adopters.
As we recently covered, RockYou had agreed to a similar deal where Facebook would earn 30% on all transactions – the standard for Facebook Credits. In addition, we speculated Facebook is in turn rewarding these developers with millions of credits for their virtual economies, a move to reap the benefits in the long term. Crowdstar was the first to sign this exclusive deal, already using Facebook Credits in all of its games since December 2009. All the players seem to be thinking positively about the exclusivity.