Playdemic expands Village Life with new lands, iOS development

Playdemic’s Village Life serves as the poster child for Zynga’s partner network, as the independent developer partnered with Zynga to bring its life simulation game Village Life to, reaching an existing network of millions of registered, active players.

Through the exposure on, Village Life has gained more than 2.5 million monthly active users and, according to the developer, has been installed by more than 17 million players in the past nine months. Now, Playdemic has set out to create a hefty update schedule for the game, bringing a new land to players with plans for many more to come next year.

The new land is called Lakeside, and it contains a variety of new items for players. In addition to new home types, villagers can grow and eat new foods while interacting with ‘fun items.’ Players can freely travel between Lakeside and their base village using the new Village Life Map.

After its release in August, Lakeside will be joined by “Mountain” and “Beach” expansions. An iPhone version of the game is also in development.

“Village Life has been a huge success with our players and as a result we want to make sure they can continue to enjoy the expanded Village Life universe,” said Playdemic CEO Paul Gouge, in a company release. “By creating lots of new locations for our players to explore with brand new content in each, we have added many months of new play into the game.”

The iOS version of Village Life will allow players to keep their villagers happy while on the go, without having to constantly return to Facebook to check on the status of their lands.

Village Life (our review) allows players to raise villagers from birth to adulthood, training them in tasks and guiding them through life events such as first dates, marriages and old age. As new villagers are born, the traits of the parents are combined and passed on to the newest arrivals. The game is free-to-play on Facebook, and is supported via microtransactions.